Dall’Italia all’Inghilterra: sul settimanale londinese “The Tablet” Don Armando Matteo e il rapporto tra le donne e la Chiesa (The Tablet)

del 24 Aprile 2012

The Tablet, Il famoso settimanale cattolico internazionale britannico, punta l’attenzione su Don Armando Matteo e sul suo ultimo libro La fuga delle quarantenni. Il difficile rapporto delle donne con la chiesa.
Da The Tablet – 21 aprile 2012
Fr Armando Matteo has sounded an alarm – the Church has lost at least one and maybe even two generations of women. And he’s only talking about the Church in Italy. The theologian released a new book this week called The Flight of the Forty-Year-Olds: the difficult relationship women have with the Church.
In a recent interview with the Catholic daily Avvenire, Fr Matteo said that men have always left the Church in his country in greater numbers than women, but that all changed in 1970. “From that year on, there is no difference between men and women,” he said. “Young women today have less respect for the Church compared to the past,” he noted. He believes that’s partly because a “conciliar style of listening” is often missing in the ecclesial community, and also because church institutions do not always display an “attitude of hospitality” towards women. Another reason, he suggests, is that many priests still hold old-fashioned ideas in this area. “Too often they still think of women in terms of the German saying, Kinder, Küche, Kirche – that is, ‘children, kitchen and church’,” he said. Fr Matteo does believe that Pope John Paul II’s writings on the dignity, role and contribution of women have broken new ground, but he says they have not yet been fully embraced and adapted in the daily experience of the Church. The flight of women from the Church is a serious problem. And for a very practical reason. “They have always been the first evangelisers!” the priest exclaimed.

Robert Mickens

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