Journal of Biological Research Vol. LXXX, N. 1, 2005

Proceedings V World Congress on Mummy Studies

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E. Rabino Massa

D. Brothwell
On entering the small world of elements, molecules and micromorphology
E. Fulcheri
Pathophysiology of Mummification

Symposium 1

A.C.Aufderheide,A. Nissenbaum, L. Cartmell
Hydrocarbon contamination


E. Rabino Massa

D. Brothwell
On entering the small world of elements, molecules and micromorphology
E. Fulcheri
Pathophysiology of Mummification

Symposium 1

A.C.Aufderheide,A. Nissenbaum, L. Cartmell
Hydrocarbon contamination of Egyptian embalming resin: C14 dating effects
C. Bou, P. Pomar, J.Treil, E. Rabino Massa, G. Larrouy
C.A.D. (Concept Aided Design ) study of excerebration: application to 20 Egyptian mummy heads from the Marro Collection,Turin
J. Elias, C. Lupton
The role of computed axial tomography in the study of the mummies of Akhmim, Egypt
S. Frey,H. Gill-Robinson,A.Thelen, S. Hirsch, N. Ladrière, P. Hering
Holographic surface imaging for archaeological applications
M.C. Martina, F. Cesarani, R. Boano,A.M. Donadoni Roveri,A. Ferraris, R. Grilletto,G. Gandini
Kha and Merit:multidetector computed tomography and 3D reconstructions of two mummies from the Egyptian Museum of Turin
F. Cesarani, M.C. Martina, R. Boano,A.M. Donadoni Roveri,A. Ferraris, R. Grilletto,G. Gandini
The three sisters:multidetector computed tomography and 3D reconstructions of three sister mummies from the Egyptian Museum of Turin
H. Gill-Robinson,T.Allard
Imaging the “Windeby Child”
M. Borla,A. Giuliano
The study of ancient Egyptian fingerprints: preliminary remarks
L. Pedrini,V. Cortese, F. Cesarani, M.C. Martina,A. Ferraris, R. Grilletto, R. Boano, R. Bianucci, R.P. Evershed, K.A. Clark,T. Higham, C. Ramsey, G. Gandini, E. Rabino Massa
The “mummy in the dress” of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the University of Turin
M. Castro,D. Busel, C. Camargo, M. Moraga, E. Llop, E. Durán
The prince of el Plomo: new studies 50 years after its discovery

Symposium 2

O.Appenzeller, H.C. Gunga, C. Qualls, R. Furlan,A. Porta, S.G. Lucas,A.B. Heckert, K. Kirsch, M.A. Costa Junqueira, S.E.Guillén, M. Sander,T. Schneider, B. Blottner
A hypothesis: autonomic rhythms are reflected in growth lines of teeth in humans and extinct archosaurs
F. Bauduer
Diseases and therapies in ancient Egypt: what can mummies and other human remains tell us?
J. Denton, J. Mann,A.R. David
Possible evidence of pregnancy and or famine in an ancient nubian female
M. Ege,A. Nerlich,A. Zink
Epidemiological analysis of tomb complexes from the necropolis of Thebes-West
W. Salo,A.C.Aufderheide,M. Madden, J. Streitz, J. Buikstra, G. Fornaciari
The paleoepidemiology of American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease)
P. Rutherford
Schistosomiasis in modern and ancient tissues
Zink, S. Köhler,N. Motamedi, U. Reischl, H.Wolf,A.G. Nerlich
Preservation and identification of ancient M. tuberculosis complex DNA in Egyptian mummies
N. Cerutti,A. Santovito,M.Turina, F. Crobu, E. Rabino Massa
Detection of Plasmodium falciparum ancient DNA in Egyptian mummies
M. Spigelman, C. Greenblatt, K.Vernon, MI. Zylber S. Sheridan,D.Van Gerven, Z. Shaheem, F. Hansraj, H. Donoghue
Preliminary findings on the paleomicrobiological study of 400 naturally mummified human remains from Upper Nubia
P.Thillaud,Y. Glon, P. Charlier, J.N.Vignal
Autopsy of the mummy of “Fin-Renard”, Bourges (France)

Symposium 3

Rodríguez-Martín, R. Guichón, N. Flegenheimer,M. Martín-Oval
Forensic, anthropological and pathological analysis of the Guanche mummies from Necoche (Argentina)
G. Fornaciari, L. Costantini, R. Ciranni
Mortal gunshot wound in an early 19th century mummy from central Italy
R. Lallo, R.Testi, M. Massimelli, R. Bianucci, R. Boano, E. Rabino Massa
A South American embalmed head
D. Meaglia, E. Costa, F. Barbero, E. Rabino Massa
Archeological hair in paleobiological research
L. Cartmell, A.C.Aufderheide, D. Caprara, J. Klein, G. Koren
What were they drinking? A preliminary study of alcohol metabolites in Andean mummy hair
J. Miller
Dental health in ancient Egypt
A. Peluso,V. De Agostini, I. Pettenati-Soubayroux, R. Lallo, E. Bresci, E. Rabino Massa
Dental conditions of Egyptian heads: radiological and direct examination

Symposium 4

A. Brancaglion Jr,T.Andrade Lima, S. Mendonça de Souza
The Egyptian collection of Museu Nacional,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the conservation of mummies in a tropical environment
D.K. Meier, K.J. Reinhard, S. Mendonça de Souza
The Egyptian Mummy “Hori”: a conservation assessment of Brazil’s Museu Nacional’s Egyptian Mummy “Hori” for Exhibition
C. Calza, M.J.Anjos, S. M. F. Mendonça de Souza,A. Brancaglion Jr, R.T. Lopes
Pigments analysis in cartonages of an Egyptian mummy of the Roman period using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
S. Chaves,A. Brancaglion Jr.
Pollen analysis from the resin used for embalming a mummy from the Roman period of I century AC – Museu Nacional (MN/UFRJ), Brazil.
A.Araújo, K. Reinhard,A. Fernandes, L. Sianto, M.L.C. Gonçalves, S.M. L. Mendonça de Souza, L.F. Ferreira
Mummy studies and parasite infections in Brazil
M.L.C. Gonçalves, C. Schnel, L. Sianto, F. Bouchet, M. Le Bailly, K.J. Reinhard, L.F. Ferreira,A.Araújo
Protozoan infection in archaeological material
V.Wesolowski, C. Rodrigues-Carvalho,D.K. Meier
A Titicaca mummy bundle and an Atacameño mummy in the collection of The National Museum at Rio de Janeiro, Brazi
l S. Mendonça de Souza, F. Nascimento, K.J. Reinhard,A.Araújo
The Jivaro shrunken heads from the National Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: authentic or counterfeits?

Symposium 5

A. Brier, R.S.Wade
Tools of the ancient embalmers
A.G. Nerlich, J. Falter,A. Zink
Why did the Egyptians use natron for artificial embalming? An experimental study on organ mummification
B. Frohlich, N. Bazarsad,D. Hunt, and N. Batbold
Human mummified remains from the Southern Gobi Deset.rPr eliminary report on the finds of ten executed individuals dating to the end of the great mongolian empire.
E. Bonis
Body preservation in the Middle Ages: natural and artificial mummies
A.R. David
Natsef-Amun, keeper of the bulls: a comparative study of the paleopathology and archaeology of an Egyptian mummy
E. Strouhal
Examination of mummies from the tomb of Iufaa at Abusir (Egypt) A.de Trafford
Exploring the contextual and symbolic relationships between mummies and texts in Old Kingdom pyramids
F. Bauduer
The royal mummies of ancient Egypt:An odyssey of discoveries and a fascinating source of data
D.C. Cook
Transitory mummies: hopewell tombs and the conservation of the dead
G.P. Lombardi, U. García-Cáceres
Human remains at Caral, Peru: the earliest human sacrifice? K.C. Nystrom
Chachapoya mummies from the Laguna Huayabamba
M. Lenares, M. Longhena, G. Gruppioni
Ethno-anthropological study of a pre-columbian peruvian mummy, using radiological and physico-chemical analyses
G.P. Lombardi, U. García-Cáceres
The mummies of San Lorenzo Island
C. Bourbou
Too small to be noticed? Children mummies reveal they stories

Symposium 6

D. Brothwell
The Tyrolean Iceman and questions of taphonomy and tissue identification
Now what? Pre-and post-analysis preservation of ancient animal and human molecular products
M. Jeziorska, P. I. Lambert-Zazulak,O.Appenzeller,A.R. David, S. Guillén
Natural preservation of tissues – Not so bad after all
R. Metcalfe,A.R. David
A minimally destructive method for determining protein preservation
M. Jeziorska, R.Wade,M.Walker,O.Appenzeller
Egyptian versus natural mummification: tracking the differences in loss of tissue antigenicity
P.I. Lambert-Zazulak
The international ancient Egyptian mummy tissue bank
A.Vatandoust, M. Hadian
“Saltman” a new archaeological discovery: scientific investigation and conservation
Fiore Marochetti, C. Oliva, K. Doneux,A. Curti, F. Janot
The mummies of Kha and Merit: embalming ritual and restauration work
M. Bazzocchi, E. D’Amicone, M.C. Dossi, F.Toso, L.Vigna
A mummy in Venice: preliminary report about a work in progress
D.T. Mininberg
The museum’s mummies: an inside view
R. Ciranni,D. Pangoli,V. Giuffra,D. Caramella, E. Bresciani F. Silvano,G. Fornaciari
Paleopathological study of the Egyptian mummies collected in Italy: the Anubis Project.
C. El-Bcheraoui,O. Dutour,G. Boëtsch
Egyptian and Middle Eastern mummies in public museums outside Egypt
M. Girotti, K.Al-Hariri,S.Al-Kayem, R. Boano, S. Harter-Lailheugue, C. El-Bcheraoui,D. Chevé, E. Fulcheri, E. Rabino Massa, G. Boëtsch
The mummies of the Archaeology Museum of Palmyra
C. Rodríguez-Martín, R. González-Antón, M. Martín Oval, C. Rosario,M. del Arco, C. del Arco, R. Guichón, N. Flegenheimer
The restitution of two Guanche mummies from Tenerife by Necochea (Argentina)
The mummies deposit of the Egyptian Museum of Turin
L.Ventura,A. Ranieri, G. Miranda, G. Fornaciari, Gaetano Corrado
A pioneer in ophthalmology, forensic medicine and… paleopathology

Symposium 7

N. Gabrielli
Some suggestions for approaching the study and the conservation of ancient human biological remains. A synthesis of the conservation work in the body of the blessed Margherita di Savoia
R. Gorini
Mummies as medicinal tools
M.D Meneses Fernández, M. García Morales, F. Estévez González
Remote ancestors or scientific evidence? Pre-Hispanic mummies from the Canary Islands in the media
G. Conlogue, R. Beckett,A. Bravo, J.Taylor, R. Horne, R.Wade, L. Cartmell, U.P. Schmiedl, J. Jones, G. Stanley, N.H. Haskell,A.Aufderheide, L. Engel, M.O. Smith,A. Cambell,A. Bucher, S.Walbaum
Entertaining mummies: embalming for the sideshow
J. Day
“Mummymania”:mummies,museums and popular culture

Symposium 8

J. Reinhard, C. Ceruti
Rescue archeology of the inca mummy on mount quehuar, argentina
R. Bruttini, M. Samadelli
The effects of energy sources on the Iceman’s low temperature storage conditions in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
A. Nerlich, E. Egarter-Vigl, B.E. Bachmeier,A. Zink
Histological investigation of a bone core biopsy of the Tyrolean Iceman
A.Schmidl,W. Kofler, K. Oeggl
Was the Neolithic Tyrolean Iceman,“Ötzi” a shepherd
A.G. Nerlich, B.E. Bachmeier,A. Zink, E. Egarter-Vigl
Histological and biochemical evidence for an intravital stab wound on Ötzi´s right hand


M.M. del Arco Aguilar, M.C. Rosario Adrián, C. del Arco Aguilar,M.Martín Oval, R. González Antón, C. Rodríguez Martín
Macroscopic study of the Guanche mummies from Necoche (Argentina)
R. Bianucci, R. Boano,G. Carnazza, R Lallo,G. Mattutino, C.Torre, E. Rabino Massa
CT scan and 3D reconstructions of Pre-Dynastic child mummy 527 B* (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Turin)
J. Campbell, R.A. David
Some aspects of the practice of pharmacy in ancient Egypt 1850 B.C. to 1300 B.C.
A.F. Cesarani, M.C. Martina,V. Capussotto,A. Giuliano, R. Grilletto, R. Boano,A.M. Donadoni, M. Celia, G. Gandini
Facial reconstruction project
R. Floris, G. Floris,V.M. Nurchi,A.Argiolas, G. Coinu
The mysterious mummy of Cagliari
M. Harari, R. Zacco, E. Cappellini,D. Caramelli, R. Benozzo,A. Sparavigna
The head of Pavia
K. Oeggl,W. Kofler,A. Schmidl,
New aspects to the diet of the Neolithic Tyrolean Iceman “Ötzi“
A. Rauch, K. Herrmann, F. Rösing
Natural mummification as a basis for forensic interpretation of time since
M.C. Rosario Adrián, M.M. del Arco Aguilar, M.C. del Arco Aguilar,M. Martín Oval, R. González Antón, C. Rodríguez Martín
Museography of the Guanche mummies from Necochea ( Argentina)
N. Salis,A. Giuliano, E. La Sala, P.L. Baima Bollone, E. Rabino Massa
Preliminary analysis of dermatoglyphs in mummies: a valid recording method
L.Ventura, C. Mercurio, C. Guidotti, G. Fornaciari
Tissue identification and histologic findings in four specimens from Egyptian canopic jars
L.Ventura, G. Miranda,T.Ventura, G. Fornaciari
Anthropology and paleopathology of the natural mummies of Navelli (central Italy).Preliminary results

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