Maria Luisa Gavazzeni Trussardi

Degree in Economics and Business at the Catholic University of Milan. In the 60s she joined her husband Nicola Trussardi in the creation of the Greyhound Brand and then in the development of the leather clothing and accessories company bringing it to levels of excellence and international notoriety. In 1992 he was Vice President of the Trussardi Group. Since 2004 he has been Professor of Fashion Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome and collaborates on the text of Prof. Forte “Economics of Fashion”. He is a lifetime advisor to the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi for the promotion of contemporary art in the world. Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica. Officer of the Grand Cross. Since 2004 he has been President of the Ente Morale Amici del Centro Dino Ferrari of the Policlinico di Milano (researchand treatment of muscular and neurological dystrophies). Since 2015 he has been teaching Fashion Study at the 5th year of the master’s degree at Sapienza.e neurologiche). Dal 2015 è docente incaricato di Fashion Study al 5° anno magistrale alla Sapienza.