Winds of democratic change in the mediterranean?
Processes, actors and possible outcomes

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Collana: Università
2012, pp 382
Rubbettino Editore, Politica, Scienza e teoria politica
isbn: 9788849831832
The 2011 Arab revolts represent a watershed in the study of political change in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These events offered a great chance to test several assumptions that had been taken for granted over the years and represent a challenge to the existing democratization literature. This book addresses some crucial questions: how (and ever) to democratize the Arab world? Why are there such popular requests? Can the international community promote democracy in this area? The contributors to Winds of Democratic Change in the Mediterranean participated in a multidisciplinary research project seeking to uncover these challenges and provide comprehensive understanding of the origins and complexity of political dilemmas underpinning MENA countries. In particular, historical, philosophical and political science approaches have been adopted to address the actors involved in the region, to assess the process stream and to speculate on the possible outcomes of political change.