The National Park of Lucano Appennine
Narrated guidebook

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Collana: Varia
2010, pp 112
Rubbettino Editore, Guide naturalistiche
isbn: 9788849827910
A trip to this new protected area then lead us to discover unexplored treasures and areas on which the public's attention had perhaps focused very little up to date. One only needs to think of the past of these lands, its archaeology, the geological characteristics of the territory and also to its ability in making tourism extend in order to enhance further development opportunities. Nature here has been very generous with man, who must make efforts to benefit from such an important inheritance. The role of Basilicata will continue to be, therefore, extremely active and dynamic. The park demands its team commitment and a strong initiative in order to embody what the law requests: a protected area and not simply an enclosed plot of land that would have no use. Furthermore we are living in the age of biodiversity, an important value that can be added to other important resources. That is why the Region takes care of its reality in order to build something useful, especially for the young but also for the whole population, who don't want to abandon it. This is the primary aim to be achieved. The challenge that must be won at any cost.