The Italian Whip

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Collana: Varia
Rubbettino Editore, Politica, Partiti politici, Personaggi
isbn: 9788849848960
Tag: parlamento, berlusconi, vita politica
Prefazione di Silvio Berlusconi
Parliamentary battles, votes of confidence, decrees, motions, debates, secret ballots, obstructionism: these parliamentary actions and many others are covered constantly on Italian television and in newspapers. However, very few people actually know what really happens in the Parliament and how the delicate and complex mechanisms of the parliamentary entities work. In this book, Simone Baldelli, who has been a key figure in the House of Deputies for many years, unveils the secret angles of the hemicycle of Montecitorio to his reader in comprehensible and dynamic terms. Baldelli writes from an original and innovative point of view as he played the role of the whip of one of the biggest parliamentary groups in the history of the Italian Republic.

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