Technoscientific Innovation
Responsability and New Models of Democracy in Science and Society Relationship

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Collana: I libri della Fondazione Giannino Bassetti
2008, pp 204
Rubbettino Editore, Tecnologia e ingegneria
isbn: 9788849822694
Rhythm and perviousness of technoscientific innovation of its products put new questions to politics in a historical moment when decisions concerning public property and citizens' life cannot be only taken by élites of decision makers in agreement with scientists or experts of various sectors. As a matter of fact, today citizens are always more aware and demanding in asking questions about issues of strong public impact, for which they ask information and guarantees on the possible consequences of the introduction of innovative solutions. This is due to different causes, and in a good part to the level of uncertainty generated by techonoscientific innovations that put in doubt the reliability of scientific knowledge and the institutions transmitting it.
During the last years, together with the traditional tools of representative democracy, new participative procedures have been adopted which were inspired by deciding democracy to manage processes of evaluation and decision concerning technoscientific innovations. This volume deals with the main issues concerning the relation between innovation and governance considering limits and potentialities of these new approaches.