Social rights and social policy
Theoretical and empirical perspective

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Collana: Saggi
2016, pp 120
Rubbettino Editore, Problemi e processi sociali, Problemi e processi economici, Politica, Scienza e teoria politica, Universita, Filosofia, Scienze politiche e dell’amministrazione, Filosofia politica, Filosofia politica
isbn: 9788849848298
Tag: welfare, diritti sociali, uguaglianza, politiche pubbliche, opportunità

The topic of this book concerns the relationship between the rights and the welfare state or, more precisely, the aim is to evaluate the possibility of reformulating the structure of the welfare state by transforming the claim of social rights into an opportunity for growth, development and regeneration of resources. It develops along two main lines. The first concerns the analysis of the current socio-political context, particularly with regard to the European institutional dimension and the Southern Italy. The second line is a logical consequence of the descriptive and critical-interpretative approaches. It aims to develop and promote an updated and, in many respects, innovative and original version of the welfare state. The goal of this book is to propose a theoretical model with empirical implications: a model of social rights understood as the most suitable for the realization of the generative welfare compatible with different spatial dimensions.