Journal of Biological Research Vol. LXXXI, N. 1, 2006
Proceedings 78° Convegno SIBS

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Collana: Journal of biological research
2007, pp 116
Rubbettino Editore, Riviste, Journal of Biological Research, 2006
isbn: 1826883860001
IN THIS VOLUME: 78° CONVEGNO NAZIONALE DELLA SOCIETà ITALIANA DI BIOLOGIA SPERIMENTALE TORINO 1- 2 LUGLIO 2005 LECTURE “G. Quagliariello” G. Losano Ischemic post-conditioning: an effective strategy of myocardial protection? lecture G. Filogamo Continuous interactions between the brain and the surrounding world Round Table The use of adult stem cells in the regeneration of infarcted myocardium Chairman Prof. G. Losano R. Ramella, O. Boero, R. Levi, G. Alloatti, M.P. Gallo In vitro models of migration of stem-cells in the presence of cardiac myocytes C. Penna, S. Raimondo Analysis with electronic and confocal microscope of gfp-stable transfected adult mesenchymal bone marrow stems cells P. Pagliaro, C. Penna, S. Raimondo, S. Geuna The isolated beating heart as a model for stem cell transplantation studies R. Levi A brief review on stem cell heart repair Round Table From Bioethics to Global Bioethics Chairman Prof. B. Chiarelli B. Chiarelli A suggested distinction between ethics and morality F. R. Tramonti Neurotechnologies and ethics S. Vaglio, B. Chiarelli, G. C. Faussone Kyoto Protocol and bonobo project S. Vaglio, M. Annese, V. Carditello, B. Chiarelli The Atlas Project SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS BY THE SECTIONS SIBS T. Duranti, A. La Teana, T. Cacciamani, P. Volpe Evolution of the pathways leading to synthesis and modification of DNA S. Gino, S. Inturri, C. Robino, C. Torre, G. L. Panattoni STR - analysis of maternal and foetal DNA in human placenta: a preliminary study M. Mora, L. Mastracci, F. Grillo, G. Gaggero, E. Fulcheri CDX2 expression in ovarian teratomatous cells with intestinal differentiation E. Fulcheri, I. Dellacasa, C. Maganza, G. Podestà Evaluation of vascular increase and density in tumors: study method for an integrative biological parameter applicable to carcinosarcomas of the uterus T. Tirelli, E. Campantico, D. Pessani Morphology of the male reproductive ducts of Clibanarius erythropus (Anomura Diogenidae) B. Dore, H. Schiff, M. Boido Growth and light/dark adaptation in Lysiosquillina maculata (Stomatopoda, Crustacea) G. L. Mariottini, L. Pane Chlorella minutissima grown free and in alginate beads and cytotoxicity of algal extracts on L929 cells S. Valdevit, M. Rutigliani, F. Boccardo, C. Campisi, E. Fulcheri Extracellular matrix between normality and pathology: techniques and methodologies B. Dore, A. Ponso, E. Ruffa, P. Pattono Histochemistry of fleshy fruits polyphenols, cryostabilization and gma embedding. Histotopochemical preservation and detection of polyphenols in fruits M. Stauder, Y. Musizzano, P. Calafati, R. Rosso, E. Fulcheri Quality certification in research laboratories M. Cocchi, L. Tonello, G. Cappello, N. Nabacino, S. Passi, N. Baldini, I. Soreca, I. Paffetti, P. Castrogiovanni, G. Tarozzi Biochemical markers in major depression as interface between neuronal network and artificial neural network (ANN) M. Cocchi, L. Tonello Biological, biochemical and mathematical considerations about the use of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the study of the connection between platelet fatty acids and major depression. Technical report S. Sesti, G. Martino, S. Mazzulla, R. Chimenti Protective effect of nitric oxide on isolated rat hepatocytes submitted to an oxidative stress E. Lucchetti, P. Pizzetti, S. Deiasio Surnames as genetic markers in population studies N. Salis, M. Girotti, E. Rabino Massa Analysis of ageing in rural communities: demographic aspects, dietary habits and inheritance of longevity N. Salis, N. Cerutti, E. Rabino Massa Seroproteins in alpine populations A. Santovito, P. Cervella, M.P. Bigatti, M. Del pero Frequency distribution analysis of a mtDNA pseudogene in some populations of Northern Italy R. Coinu, G. Palumbo Insulin does not reverse neither exalt the effects of modeled gravity on the metabolism of normal and transformed cultured cells R. Boano, E. Fulcheri, E. Rabino Massa A case of bifid rib from the "G. Marro" egyptian osteological collection I. Schlacht, M. Masali, M. Ferrino Interior design and sensorial perception in microgravitational outer space environment