Journal of Biological Research Vol. LXXIX, N. 1, 2003
Proceedings 77° Convegno SIBS

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Collana: Journal of Biological Research
2004, pp 112
Rubbettino Editore, Riviste, Journal of Biological Research, 2003
isbn: 9788849808599
Direttore responsabile Giovanni Pizzuti IN THIS PAPER: 77° CONVEGNO NAZIONALE DELLA SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI BIOLOGIA SPERIMENTALE, TORINO 6-7 DICEMBRE 2002 Study dedicated to Memory of Prof. Alfredo Ruffo by Prof. Pietro Volpe • T. Cacciamani, G. Di Pietro, M. Provinciali, P. Volpe "Cell-cycle Dependent Differentiation of Friend Erythroleukemia Cells" Lettura "G. Quagliariello" • G. Berlucchi "Some Recent Developments in the Neurobiology of Consciousness" Tavola Rotonda Biologia degli Endoteli Vascolari Chairman Prof. G. Losano • D. Mancardi “Endothelial Paracrine Action” • R. Rastaldo, “Endothelial Dysfunction and Vascular Preconditioning" • G. Alloatti “Endocardial Endothelium and Cardiac Contractility" • P. Pagliaro “The Endothelial Cytochrome P-450 Pathway and Cardiac Contractility" • C. Penna “The Cardiovascular Effect of the Platelet Activator Factor" Tavola Rotonda Gli strumenti della Biologia Sperimentale nello Studio dell'Embrione Umano Chairman Prof. E. Fulcheri, Prof. G.L. Panattoni • R. Arisio, M. Bonissone, E. Piccoli, G. Panzica “Central Nervous System Microangioarchitecture in the Human Foetus from the 10th Week to Parturition" • L. Resta, S. Di Paolo, R. Monno, G. Stallone, G. Grandaliano, A. Schena, P. Greco, L. Selvaggi, F.P. Schena, L. Gesualdo “Placental Expression of Vasoactive Agents and Tissue Factor in Pre-Eclamptic and Clyocosporine Treated Kidney Transplant Mothers” • F. Grillo, C. Ivaldi, M. Curto, E. Fulcheri "In Situ Hybridization for the Identification of Karyotype Anomalies in the Histological Analysis of Early Spontaneous Abortion" • G.C. Isaia, P. D'Amelio, M. Di Stefano, G.L. Panattoni "Ultra-Hi-Resolution Absorptiometry as a Method to Study the Early Ossification in Human Embroys and Fetuses" • G.L. Panattoni, C. Torre, G. Mattutino, E. Castelli, S. Bontempo, T. Todros "3d Computer-Assisted Analysis and Scanning Electron Microscopy in the Morphological Study of Fetal Nuchal Translucency" Tavola Rotonda Basi Biologiche dell'Aggressività Chairman Prof. S. Giammanco • M. Ernandes, M. La Guardia, M. Giammanco, G. Tabacchi, S. Giammanco "Biological Bases of the Aggressive Behaviour - Studies on Man" • M. La Guardia, M. Giammanco, M. Ernandes, G. Tabacchi, D. Di Majo, S. Giammanco “Biological Bases of Aggressiveness - Studies on the Rats" • S. Giammanco, G. Tabacchi, D. Di Majo, M. Giammanco, M. La Guardia "Biological Bases of the Aggressive Behaviour" Tavola Rotonda Dall'Ergonomia allo Spazio: il contributo della Biologia Sperimentale Chairmen Prof. P. Pippia, Prof. M. Masali • P.L. Rampa "Quality of the Natural Ecosystem and Environmental Control" • A. Cogoli, M. Cogoli-Greuter, M.A. Meloni, G. Galleri, P. Pippia "Effect of Microgravity on Human T Lymphocyte Activation: Experiments in Spacelab and Sounding Rockets" •M. Maccarrone, N. Battista, M.A. Meloni, M. Bari, G. Galleri, P. Pippia, A. Cogoli, A. Finazzi-Agrò "Simulated Microgravity Induces Apoptosis in Human Lymphocytes by a 5-Lipoxygenase-Mediated Mechanism" • G. Palumbo, C. Palumbo "Cosmic Radiation on Human Estrogen-Dependent Epithelial Cells. The Lessons from Transmediterranean Flights on Stratospheric Balloons" • V. Guarnieri "The Microbiological Control Problem on Board Manned Spacecraft" •E. Gaia, V. Guarnieri "How to Organise Life Sciences Experiments Taking into Account Ergonomic and Functional Requirements in Microgravity" • M. Ferrino "Living in Outer Space: Anthropology and Proxemic Methods for Human Adaptation Analysis in Microgravity Environment" • E. Fubini "Some Research in Cooperation with Alenia Spazio" • R. Cedrini "Socio Cultural Aspects of Ergonomics" CONTRIBUTI SCIENTIFICI DALLE SEZIONI SIBS • S.M. Balbis. C. Guiot, R. Arina "Does Curvature Affect Vascular Haemodynamic and Shear-Stress?" • M.P. Bigatti, L. Lamberti, A. Santovito, G. Ardito "Gstm l and Gstt l Genotypes and Chromosomal Damage in Subjects Exposed to Low Level of Formaldehyde" • R. Boano, E. Fulcheri, E. Rabino Massa, "The importance of Anthropology and Paleopathology in the Study of Congenital malformation: Problems in Interpreting Archaeological-AnthropologicalSpecimens" • C. Capobianco, L. Resta, G.I. D'Antona, A. Marzullo, D. Piscitelli, L. Gesualdo "Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and Chorionic Term Villi" • S. Cardaropoli, G.P. Pescarmona, F. Silvagno, T. Todros "Huvec: an Experimental Model to Test the Hypothesis that Infection is the Leading Cause of Preeclampsia" • M. Ernandes, M. La Guardia, M. Giammanco "Maize Based Diets and Mouse-Killing Behavior in Rats" • L. Ferrari, S. Micalizio, O. Cavallo, G. Dazzo, E. Fulcheri "Biological Revaluation of Naturalistic Collections in Teratology" • M. Giammanco, M. Ernandes, D. Di Majo, G. Tabacchi, M. La Guardia "Pathophysiological Bases of Arterial Hypertension in Serious Obesity Studies on Obese Patients Treated with Biliopancreatic Diversion" • M. La Guardia, M. Giammanco, M. Ernandes, G. Tabacchi, D. Di Majo, S. Giammanco "Mouse Killing Behaviour, Aggressiveness and the Influence of Sexual Hormones in Rats" • A. Marin, C. Di Gaetano, G. Sella, E. Rabino Massa "Analysis of the Y Chromosome in the Population of a Mountain Village, Postua" • G. Ricco, O. David, G. Ivaldi, M. Girotti, E. Rabino Massa "Functional Effects of the Coexistence of Hb-A with High Oxygen Affinity Hemoglobins" • E.L. Santarcangelo, Z. Jambrick, L. Sebastiani, B. Ghelarducci, E. Picano "Hypnotic Susceptibility and Hypnosis Modulate the Endothelial Response to Acute Stress" • S. Sesti, G. Martino, S. Mazzulla, R. Chimenti "Effects of Lipopolysaccharides on Activity of Mitochondrial Reductase in Rat Liver Cells" • I. Pettenati –Soubayroux, J.J. Bonfil, G. Susini, G. Boëtsch "Periodontal Disease and Oral Ageing: Influence of Genetic (HLA) and Environmental Factors"