Italy in the International Economy since the Second World War

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Collana: Varia
2011, pp 460
Rubbettino Editore, Economia e Finanza, Problemi e processi economici, Universita, Economia, Storia , Storia economica, Storia economica
isbn: 9788849829129
Prefazione di Paolo Savona

Italy in the International Economy since the Second World War forms part of the series of publications under the editorship of Michele Barbato, Managing Editor of UniCredit’s and its Italian-language sister publication . This volume analyses the problems and prospects of Italy in the world economy over the period running from the Second World War to the present. The essays (all drawn from , founded in 1947 by Costantino Bresciani Turroni, and its sister-publication , founded in 1979) offer a helpful, highly effective historical perspective on the main changes in Italy’s commercial, financial and monetary affairs with the progress of internationalization, liberalization and the integration of firms and markets both at European and at global level. The book groups fifteen essays into five parts according to theme: postwar reconstruction, the internationalization of the Italian economy, the role of foreign direct investment, the prospects for European integration, and the way enterprises have changed in the context of globalization. The works are all by eminent economists who have also held important public positions. The book is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the ways in which the European and global system condition economic policy and also helps to show how Italy, by overcoming its structural constraints, can embark once again on a path of lasting economic growth.