Input and Interaction
Investigating EFL Italian University classrooms

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Collana: Varia Università
2004, pp X+110
Rubbettino Editore, Fuori Catalogo
isbn: 8849808127
The present work investigates the nature of classroom interaction and classroom talk in two EFL Italia classrooms. It focuses on the language strategies that the participants of this study employ to enhance non-native learners' comprehension in class, and the kind of interaction within cwhich these modifications occur.
It has been widely claimed that conversational adjustments in which both teachers and students are engaged in negotiation of meaning play an important role in facilitating learners' comprehension and production of the target language. Starting from this point, the present study will attempt to go beyond language modifications in order to find out the wider nature of the interaction which these modifications bring about, how teachers establish their lesson partners, how they engage with students and therefore, the role teachers may play in creating opportunities for an active learning. This piece of research attempts to be a moment of reflection for teachers-researchers, eager to understand aspects of classroom behaviours, and interested in gaining insights into the teacher-learner interaction in a language class.