In Calabria
tra natura arte storia - nature art history

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Collana: Varia
2003, pp 110
Rubbettino Editore
isbn: 8849805888
Calabria has always and will always fascinate the collective imagination. A welcome haven sought by the inhabitans of the Peloponnese, who considered it an extension of their homeland, a Paradise on earth, as Bruno of Cologne wrote in the 11th century. Its every nook and cranny was visited by travellers of the Grand Tour, who, during the Enlightenment, jotted down their impressions in extraordinary travel diaries, decorated with delicate drawings. In those days Calabria was visited on mule back. Today it can be reached and visited in comfort. To illustrate its naturalistic, artistic and historical treasures we have jotted down a few “notes” to accompany the visit of those who desire a better acquaintance with a stupendous Land.