Europe as a project
Being protagonist of our future

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Collana: Varia
2019, pp 340
Rubbettino Editore, Politica, Relazioni internazionali
isbn: 9788849860733

Since the economic and financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent crisis of refugees in 2015, solidarity among European countries has seemed to an end. Is Europe now a global actor only culturally, not politically? According to the Sinderesi School, the motto “United in diversity” could express not only the heritage of peoples coming from different languages, cultures and traditions, but it could also represent, for the European Union, its present mission for moral leadership on the global stage. The history of Europe is marked by the flourishing of plural traditions, which oftentimes clash, but have been faithful to a complex “overall care of the soul” in an attempt to build up “an open society” according to moral and juridical values as declared in Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty (2007). Leonardo Da Vinci, whose 500th anniversary of his death Europe is commemorating, was able to immerse himself in his age with great awareness and originality, bringing with him the richness of the past while, at the same time, forging chapters in this history. In the era of globalization, our hope for Europe and humanity would be this same spirit.

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