BrainNet-Working Circular Migration Volume 2 An Innovative Services Model for the Movement of Labour in Europe: the Labour Window

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Collana: Scaffale Universitario
2010, pp 504 (due voll. ind.)
Rubbettino Editore, Economia e Finanza, Problemi e processi economici, Universita, Economia, Sociologia, Sociologia economica, Sociologia economica e del lavoro
isbn: 9788849827217
"BrainNet-Working Circular Migration" is a two-volume publication, the first of which is titled "Migration Flows Feeding into Business Internationalisation", the second "An Innovative Services Model for the Movement of Labour Window". Both volumes report on research and work carried forward as part og project BrainNet-Working under EU programme AENEAS. The second volume deals with the concept, design and testing of a network of Labour Windows, entrusted with brokering migrant labour workforce demand and supply, across-the-board in Europe.