Testing in University Language Centres

A cura di

Collana: Quaderni di Pedagogia Interculturale
2009, pp 163
Rubbettino Editore, Fuori Catalogo
isbn: 9788849825602
The second issue of Quaderni di Ricerca undertakes a brief but hopefully thought-provoking foray into the complex world of testing, a world which will always require further exploration. The volume attempts to bring together the many strands that make up the current scenario as regards assessment inUniversity Language Centres in Italy, in particular vis-à-vis research which helps to build up a critical framework through which to interpret CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The volume thus records the findings of many micro-level language projects which have attempted to fine-tune European and national policies. With their rich and multifaceted descriptions, the articles address questions of political orientation in assessment in the context of wider-ranging discussions about theoretical models.
Labels, definitions and taxonomies proliferate in this area of studies, all testament to the multidimensionality of testing and the impossibility and uselessness of coming to any common and denitive agreement. But creativity in charting new routes and quality assurance that guarantees best practices would appear to be the twin priorities that override the authors' other concerns. These unifying principles have made it possible to assemble different critical perspectives and detailed experiences, reflections and experiments within the confines of a single volume.