Focus on legal English

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Collana: Scaffale universitario
2007, pp 156
Rubbettino Editore, Lingue antiche e moderne
isbn: 97888849818925
Prefazione di Anna Franca Plastina
This textbook is addressed to students of law or legal professionals who need to improve their legal English. It is composed of thirteen units covering different areas of law ranging from general and basic terms of law to international and European law. The text gradually gives students a working knowledge of legal language, besides helping them to develop can-do skills necessary in the professional world. In particular, each unit is carefully designed to guide the learner to develop and integrate language and content skills thanks to a wide variety of selected specialist topics aiming at stimulating students to compare and contrast the English, European and international systems of law. Many different kinds of tests are used: gap filling, true false questions, word formation, multiple choice and crosswords. There is a key at the hack of the textbook so that students will be able to check their answers; moreover they will also he provided with a glossary of legal terms to learn or revise legal vocabulary.